Friday 2 September 2016

Jumoke's story of child abuse

I was seven years old, young, naive and knew nothing about sexual practices until we moved from our face me, i slap you, house  to a beautiful three bedroom flat. This house has a total number of four flats occupied by four different families.

The flat next to ours was occupied by an Igbo widow and her six children,and because, mum was always busy and often comes home late, she entrusted us (little sister and myself) into the care of one of the widow's children (Aunty Caroline) whose schoolmistress was next to ours.

Aunty Caroline was a secondary school girl, probably, in senior secondary school then, while i was in primary two. She was responsible for taking us to school and bringing us back, feeding us, helping with our assignments, playing with us, petting my little sister to bed while i wait for mum's arrival with her. Dad on the other hand, was a government worker in Abuja and would always comes home once in a month to check on us.

I grew fond of Caroline and got much more attached to her than i was to mum, probably because, she was the one playing the major roles of a parent to us.

She gradually initiated lesbianism as part of our play. She would act the man while the naive me would act the woman. She would fold my socks and had me wore her brazzziere, then,  she'll fix the folded socks into the brazzziere.  She was always squeezing my young breast or was it the socks rigorously, would touch my private part and lay ontop of me going forth and back. Sometimes, she'll ask me to lay ontop of her and do likewise. She had me swear to death with a bible incase, i try to tell someone about her little secret. And i never told anyone about it until, i clocked 20 when i had to tell my pastor about the past that had always hunted me.

This went on until we eventually moved into our house three years after.  I always thank God i didn't get to become a lesbian because, he retraced my steps and bought me back with his love.

Now that, i am fully grown up and knew she took advantage of my naivety to molest and sexually harassed me, every part of me wants to find her and get her arrested and sued for child abuse and sexual harassment. Only that, my pastor kept  preaching that i accommodate the spirit of forgiveness.

Do you blame the parents,  Aunty Caro or the little girl?

I sincerely hope all parents and intending parents can learn from this.

The parents of this girl were probably too busy to notice that their little girl was being sexually abused by the one they entrusted with the care of our kids........

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