Friday 10 June 2016

Recent Happenings on Child abuse in Nigeria

A 27-year-old schoolmistress, Violet, is being interrogated by the Police in Lagos for defiling a female pupil of Light Bearers Private School, located at Iyana-Isashi area of the state.

Vanguard newspaper reports that the mistress, who is the class teacher of the nursery two pupil, reportedly defiled her last Thursday, during school hours.

However, trouble started after the victim’s mother noticed blood stains on her daughter’s pants, when she got home.

The victim’s mother, Evelyn, who spoke to Vanguard, said:

“After my daughter returned from school Thursday last week, I found blood stains on her pants when I wanted to bath her. I was surprised because she is still too young to start menstruating.”


“When I asked her what happened, she refused to speak at first because her teacher had threatened her not to. Later, she opened up when I told her that anyone who lies would go to hell.

“She then said it was her Aunty that inserted her fingers inside her bum-bum in class. We reported the case at Iyana-Isashi Police Station.”

Victim’s account

According to the four-year-old girl, (names withheld): 

“My Aunty in school raised my uniform up and put her fingers inside my bum-bum in the class, while others were sleeping.”

“She asked me not to tell my mother or anybody.”

It was learned that the victim was taken to Bisimol Hospital at Graceland Estate, where it was confirmed that her hymen was broken.

Vanguard gathered that the case was reported at Iyana-Isashi Police Division, Friday morning, and the teacher was arrested for interrogation.

HHCI speaks such lady or class teacher, might probably be sick, I would advice before any jail term or punishment, the class teacher , should be screened medically,afterwards face her justice which must prevail  cos of the damage she had caused the little girl.
As for the little girl,she should be under super ultimate care of her loved one's, showing Her the love, care and affection, she needs, to get over the stigma. #happychild #HHCI

Your advice is strongly needed, on how to make the little girl feel happy again.

Let you comments start rolling in.

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