Thursday 21 April 2016



Perhaps when you think about your new identity as God’s child and read about Joann, you desire to move forward too. But you feel stuck. Here are some ways that those who have been abused as children sometimes struggle as adults:
  • Trusting others. It can feel impossible to trust anyone after your trust has been shattered by your childhood experiences.
  • Having a healthy sexual relationship with your spouse. If you were sexually abused, sex for you has been maimed and twisted by darkness.
  • Being filled with bitterness. How do you avoid being filled with bitterness when terrible evils have occurred? How can you learn to forgive such a great wrong?
  • Disciplining your own children. How do you learn to discipline your children in love when you were attacked by your own parents?
  • Dealing with any conflict or confrontation. How do you confront a problem with family, friends, or co-workers when anger and confrontation was brutally distorted in your life?

You might have even more things to add to this list. Is God able to work in these areas in your life and change your automatic responses to people and situations? Yes he is. God can and will change you, not all at once, but gradually over your lifetime. I have seen God do this many times in those I’ve counseled. Change begins as you face what happened to you with God in view.

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