Saturday 17 May 2014

If wishes were horses, would you ride........

Uhmmmm......., thinking within myself if I CAN, but another thought came that I CAN AND I WILL.
Is God actually seeing all that is going on, does He even know I talk to him, does He even know I exist?, I kept asking myself different questions, why am I passing through all of these, I look for who I can talk to, everybody kept on mentioning God.
I believe in God o and I knows He works wonders, but I still dont believe why I am passing through all these stress, everyone is telling me to believe and have faith,  am conniving my faith with everyone that is talking to me about believing in God, because I believe with God all things are possible, I dont want to be shakened, frightened or depressed at all, my blessed days and my best days are soon to come, I know the trouble am facing now, I will see them no more, IT IS WELL WITH ME.

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