Wednesday 30 April 2014


A writer wrote some years back :" in all my experience in the world, i have always found myself to be the most interesting person i have ever met". is that not true also of yoursef? however, if you want to go far with God in life, you must learn and practice the very tough secret of accelerated testimonies: ( forgetting yourself a little).
what you sow in others, you will reap in multiple, learn the habit of sowing praise and encouragement in other lives, even if you are going through your own trials, you will find out that it will come back to you,
As we go out daily, do not talk too much of yourself, because it boring and also no one likes to listen to people who talk too much about themselves, listen to others as you would be listened to, people who talk about themselves are always boring, refuse it, people are hurting daily , talk about there problems, give people hope for there future.
show appreciation, praise loudly, blame softly, praise in public, discipline in private and pray for others regularly. A writer wrote, "the greatest good you can do for anybody is not just to share your riches, but reveal to him his own". show lot of love to others that are less privilegded.

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