Friday, 2 September 2016

Gossip Time!!!!...........

By jumoke Yusuf
So, a fourteen years old girl got impregnated, by her twenty- five years old neighbor right under her parents' nose. These parents out of fury, got the mentally derailed paedophile arrested for abusing their daughter sexually.

After the culprit had been in detention for three days, his parents started pleading on behalf of their son and agreed to take full responsibility of the child and her pregnancy. However, the father of the child refused and insisted that their son was going to rot in jail for his actions.

I later got to know that the police force, summoned the parents of the culprit and the victim for a peaceful settlement. The policemen pleaded on behalf of the culprit with the dumbest excuse that their daughter was not raped, the culprit will accept full responsibility of the pregnancy and that,  it is unafrican to get their "INLAW" sent to prison. Like seriously??.... INLAW??

Trust me, i am still finding it hard to believe that the police force who were meant to protect the child's right law as stated in the constitution could reason this way. What a diplomatic way of maintaining law and order in the society!

And to think that, the parents of this girl accepted this disheartening settlement, just made me hate them more.

They failed woefully in parenting their child and denied their child and other teenage girls out there, the right to justice. That paedophile guy, has just been given another chance to victimize other teenage girls out there. #smh

Hiann.... some parents and policemen can fall hands sha... I even heard the culprit is an okada rider and he ran away already....

Gossip over...

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